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Is "Innovation" Keeping You Stuck in Your Business? Here's How To Get Unstuck


They stress over exactly what bells and whistles to put on a yet-to-be-built site prior to they define their message and specific niche They pull their hair out about the nuts and bolts of auto responder before they begin their list building effort and having a list to mail to. They drive themselves up the wall about buying cart established prior to they choose what products to produce.

They spend hours investigating online course software application prior to they understand exactly what their audience want and are willing to acquire They worry themselves with intricate sales funnel, while all they have to do is to get on the damn phone and sign some their clients, yesterday, to get the cash flow and momentum .

Technology can become a helpful reason.


We get sucked into the research and busywork, "attempting so really tough" to view the tutorials and learn how to use the software, tweaking the hex # for the 56th time so we don't have to do WHAT TRULY MATTERS because many times, those things make us face our worries and extend our boundaries.


Let me share my story...


When I began my very first business, I whipped up a bare bones site utilizing over a weekend. (I don't suggest - always get a self-hosted website ... however that's what I did understanding exactly what I knew.). I stuck a couple of PayPal buttons up, and let my peeps know about it through social media and online forums online jobs for programmers .


Orders started pouring in. It's how all of it started.


Fast-forward 3 months; I recognized I was emailing 400+ people from my Gmail account. I lastly relocated to an e-mail service provider and rested on their totally free basic plan, which took me to hitting 6-fig conveniently.


18 months in (yes, 18 months!) I understood I was moving countless dollars’ worth of digital items WITHOUT a buying cart.

I understand crazy.


I emailed the files out manually each time a PayPal alert can be found in. With a tailored note that I typed (not cut-and-paste, mind ya.).

I even did it in the healthcare facility on my phone, few hours after bring to life my kid.


Didn't lose sleep over shopping cart until I could pay somebody to lose sleep over it for meI invested every minute I would be wrangling with "technology" to develop products and market the heck out of them.


Personnel term: Income Generating Activities.


Personnel frame of mind: Keep It Simple, Sunshine!


"They" stated I required an auto responder and a buying cart.


I said I wanted to get some their clients and sell my things.


I saw money in the bank before "they" might complete saying, "get a merchant account, register for 1shoppingcart or InfusionSoft or Office Autopilot and pay $79/$199/$299 a month."


When you are "struggling" over "innovation" and find yourself spinning your wheels - take a moment and ask if what you are doing is the quickest course to accomplishing your present goal, or if it's just a helpful excuse to keep you from doing what has to be done.


I have an internet marketing background, and I run my whole business practically.


However, being "online" doesn't mean concealing behind the computer, a site, a bunch of sales page templates or "set it and forget it" auto responders with canned messaging.

You still have to stick your neck out and tell the world what YOU are about. Because...


When the rubber meets the road, sales & marketing is about a human being at one end, communicating with interacting human being at the other end.

And yeah, making connection with another person (gasp!) can stir up a great deal of crap.


Worries. Judgment. Doubts


You can predict how a piece of software will respond (hmmm, most of the time anyhow) but you can't control what the other individual would say or do, and exactly what that will trigger in you.


The most essential thing to keep in mind about "innovation" - it's intended to make our lives easier. It's planned to help us attain our goals faster.

If it's not doing either, if it's distracting you from actually doing that - CHUCK IT!


If it's asking you to tweak your message or alter the way you roll, just so your materials can fit into a specific format or presentation - THINK TWICE!

In some cases pedaling a bike gets you there faster than a generating Lamborghini - when in a traffic congestion.



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